Careers at SEVR

Growing Together

At SEVR, our ethos is about engaging wholeheartedly and collaboratively. No matter the challenge, you should feel fully supported by your colleagues and our entire organization. We share our knowledge and assist each other whenever necessary. Consider us a repository of expertise, where every ‘room’ serves a purpose and complements the others – we aim to leverage all our competencies, as this collective strength fosters our ongoing development.

Utvecklas tillsammans

Den röda tråden som löper genom SEVR är att vi gör saker helhjärtat och tillsammans. Oavsett vilken uppgift du står inför ska du alltid känna att du har dina kollegor och hela vår organisation i ryggen. Vi delar med oss av vår kunskap och hjälper varandra när det behövs. Se oss som ett kunskapshus där alla rum fyller sin funktion och kompletterar varandra – vi vill nyttja all kompetens hos oss, eftersom det är på så sätt vi blir starkare och fortsätter utvecklas tillsammans.

Continuous Development

Our mission has always been to create a secure and stimulating work environment. We believe work should be enjoyable, and you should look forward to collaborating with your colleagues. To ensure you become your best self, we encourage daily personal and professional development, challenging you either individually or as part of a team, all within a supportive atmosphere. We recognize things can move quickly, especially in our growth phase, but we maintain a safe and dynamic environment.

Your Contribution Matters

While our company may not have a long history, this means you, as an employee, can significantly influence our direction. Our decision-making channels are concise, and we embrace suggestions and ideas with open arms. This approach enables us to collaboratively establish the right conditions for continued growth and satisfaction.

Work – Life Balance

Like many, we talk about life balance, but we truly mean it. We value downtime and recovery, while also being adaptable when extra effort is required. Truth be told, there are more important things in life than work. However, it’s crucial to work somewhere you genuinely enjoy. Welcome to SEVR!

Our Next Consulting Member

Are you a freelance consultant? At SEVR, we’re open to collaboration with independent professionals. Whether for interim assignments or project-based work, the opportunities are infinite. If you’re interested in becoming our next consulting member, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

As an independent knowledge enterprise in finance, economics, and recruitment, we’re continually searching for new talents and stars eager to enhance the business landscape for companies worldwide.

Say hello and allow us to assist you!

We cherish the opportunity to connect with our friends – ideally in person, but we understand that schedules can be busy. If you’re pressed for time, simply send us a brief message, and we will reach out to you.

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