CFO on Your Terms

This service is designed for companies in need of a CFO, whether part-time or with a particular focus on certain projects. SEVR offers the CFO service – on your terms. You get a dedicated CFO who helps you look ahead and advance to the next level – either independently or in conjunction with SEVR’s other service offerings that can provide a complete finance function. The approach is up to you, based on your needs and with support from us. Regardless, you gain the opportunity to ensure targeted expertise with a smaller budget. In short, with us, you get an experienced and dedicated resource without making a large investment.

CFO by Your Side

This service allows us to work together to improve your company’s financial function, with the help of our skilled and specialized CFOs. We begin by streamlining and automating any parts of the ongoing work that are not yet done. This way, we ensure fast and efficient financial reporting, and we collaborate with the board, CEO, and owners to validate and enhance the business plan, budget, and business goals.

Do you need a CFO for a shorter term, perhaps to raise more capital, prepare an IPO, or an acquisition? We can handle that too!

CFO vid din sida

Med denna tjänst kan vi tillsammans ta ditt bolags ekonomifunktion till nästa nivå, tack vare våra erfarna och specialiserade CFO:er. Vi börjar med att optimera och digitalisera de delar av det löpande arbetet som inte är gjort. I samband med detta säkerställer vi en snabb och effektiv ekonomisk rapportering, samt kvalitetssäkrar och optimerar affärsplan, budget och affärsmål tillsammans med styrelse, VD och ägare.

Behöver du istället en CFO vid din sida under en kortare period? Till exempel för att ta in mer kapital, genomföra en börsnotering eller ett förvärv? Självklart löser vi detta!

Is your business experiencing significant growth and you need to elevate your finance function? One of our experienced CFOs can do this together with you, on your terms and to the extent you wish.

Business Areas


A modern and specialized recruitment partner for finance positions.


Provides qualified people in accounting, finance, and financial controlling for temporary needs, bridging gaps or staffing projects.


This service is suitable for companies that need a CFO, either on a part-time basis or for special projects and situations.


Our expertise spans strategic consulting, capitalization, implementation support and international expansion, with a particular focus on the United States and Europe.

Accounting & Payroll

We offer a range of full-service accounting, or individual services based on your unique needs. We also provide payroll services.

Accounts Receivable

We provide payment processing – to large national companies, as well as smaller local companies.

Business Intelligence

Turning your company’s data into comprehensible, readily accessible information to simplify decision-making.